Welcome to the Allen Press 
Self Help Portal


  • How do I reset my password?

You will find a send login credentials button the on the login page. Click that and enter the email that is associated with the account. Once that is complete you should receive an email (dont forget to check your spam folder!) that contains your username and a link that you must then click to reset your password.

  • Is there a chat option in Editorial Manager?

There is no internal chat option within editorial manager. All correspondence should take place outside of Editorial Manager.

  • Im unable to complete my submission. What should I do?

Please make sure that all necessary actions have been completed. Go through the steps of submission again and look for any red text indicating what is missing. Red text that is found towards the left and will denote any missing information while red text towards the top is a notification indicating where in the process that further action is needed. If you have done all of this and the submission process still isn’t working please try another browser before submitting a ticket.

  • Im not receiving notifications in my email.

Please make sure that the journal and support email have been white listed and check your spam folder.


  • What can be configured and what is static?

There is branding space in the top left corner. That and the black bar at the top (including navigational buttons) are not configurable. The rest of the layout of the homepage can be customized. Roles can also be configured as can the permissions of those roles. Letters can be personalized and aspects of the notification system can be configured to fit your individual needs.

  • What are roles and how do they work?

Using a role based system simply means that each role has a different name and job to do. The capabilities of each role are decided based on the permissions a person has within their role. The names of the roles can be changed to those of your choosing and the permissions of a role can be changed to suit what the person holding that role needs to accomplish. However anything changed within a roles permissions will effect everyone that holds that role. For instance, if a journal has two Associate Editors, both with the role of Associate Editor, they will both have the same permissions and will both get notifications that are sent to the Associate Editor. If you want to have two people of the same title to have different permissions you will need to request that two roles be set up with those individual permissions.

  • Where can I get reports?

We offer a custom reporting on PeerTrack. You can find the reporting tool by navigating to your main menu and clicking on reports. The reports can then be found under Enterprise Analytics Reporting. It should be noted that these reports can be built from scratch but you are always welcome to reach out to your support team to request built reports.

  • I cant find a manuscript. Where should I look first?

The fastest way to find a manuscript is to proceed to the drop down list on the navigation bar, choose manuscript and then search by manuscript number. Authors should contact the editorial office for assistance.

  • Where can I find the history information of a manuscript?

The history of a manuscript is found within the action list of the manuscript itself. Once you click on History in the action list you will be able to see everything that has been done with that manuscript as well as who it was done by. You will also find a list of notifications or letters that have been triggered within the life of the manuscript.

  • Why cant I see a manuscript once its been assigned to someone else?

If a manuscript is not in your main menu, it is because it has been assigned to someone else. You can search for the manuscript by clicking on the drop down menu within your action bar, choosing manuscript and searching for the manuscript number. Editors may also proxy in as reviewers by searching for them in the drop down, under people. They will then be prompted to type in some identifying information such as a name or email. Once the person is found the Editor can proxy in by clicking on the blue highlighted role to the right of that users name. This will allow the editor to see what is in that persons folders, complete actions as them or move manuscripts along. All of these actions will be noted in the manuscript history.

  • How do I edit letters?

Contact your support team for help and training.

  • When I go to submit a final disposition, the only option is withdrawn.

Final disposition can only be set when the review process is finished. The review process is finished when the editor has submitted a decision and the author has been notified of the decision.


  • I submitted a review but I am still receiving reminders to submit one. What could be causing this?

Normally, this is caused by an incomplete review and can be remedied by checking the incomplete review folder located in the main menu. If you still see something in the folder it means that the review hasn’t been processed completely and requires more action on the reviewers end.

  • Who can I contact if my question wasnt answered above?

You can submit a ticket at the following email: peertracksupport@allenpress.com

Be sure to whitelist this email with your email provider so that you do not miss any responses or notifications!